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"Yea… yea.. sort of.. I just.. need a shower." 


"How about you shower and then you can explain this whole thing to me?"

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"You have no idea what will or won’t affect my GPA. Every single point counts."


"Pleeeeeeease, Cass? Just for an hour?"

"Right, but from an overall grade. We just started the year, you have many, many points to achieve. Look at your Lacey? She’s basically begging you at this point."

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Anna listened as he ordered, taking note that he was well versed in drinks. It caught her attention. She knew he was more than likely going to order strong drinks for her and expect to get lucky. She was set on not letting that happen. A simple whistle or a subtle humming would render him powerless. Still, she was up for some fun, so long as he didn’t try anything. Annabelle turned back to him with a crooked smile to complete her, ‘just try me’ expression. “Actually I respond really well to hey you,” She replied her voice laced with sarcasm.


Kyle spent most of his time in bars, he could basically work at a  bar if he wanted to. He knew the in’s and out’s of the bar and most of the drinks on the menu. It was why it only took his a few seconds to pick out a drink for both of them. As the women in front of him shot him a look, he grinned slightly. ‘Oh come on, I”m just trying to give you a good drink. Nothing more, nothing less.” Kyle raised his eyebrow slightly, “Hey, you it is in. It really doesn’t fit your face, but I’ll go with it.” He said, witha  slightly chuckle. 

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"Well, this isn’t Penny Lane and I just finished off the last box of Gingerbread men, so I guess you’re out of luck."


"Are you sure about that? I seriously doubt that, considering that you love gingerbread cookies and can’t go a day with out them."

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     ❝ my extensive vocabulary
        is in no way an excuse to
        call me a hermit. ❞

    ❝ It’s beautiful vocabulary,   
        that you should be showing off
        to girls… outside..which is why
        we should go out. ❞

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'That's a pretty great motto.' 

"I agree, which is why I think you should cook something for me."

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"You didn’t answer my question."


"Oh you know, I came to see the Gingerbread man, you know? The one who lives on penny lane?"

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     ❝ i think my social habits are
        fine the way they are. what’s
        wrong with being an indoor
        person? ❞

  ❝ The fact that you used the words  
        social habits in a sentence is the 
        reason that you need to go out
        more. ❞

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